How To Get Unbanned From Tinder?

If you just got banned from Tinder for some reason you don’t even truly understand, this write-up will help you reverse the action and get unbanned from Tinder. 

If you’re eager to get into the online dating world and wish to continue being a member of online dating sites, you’re at the right place. When we say dating apps, tinder is probably the first thing that comes to your mind. This is because one of the most widely used dating apps in the world, Tinder has millions of regular users or fans who are eager to find love. 

Even though most people believe it is not difficult to be banned from the Tinder app, each app has its own set of rules. Additionally, Tinder has some fundamental rules that are quite distinct from those of other apps.

 If you don’t follow these rules, you could be banned very quickly. As a result, you must adhere to the dating app’s guidelines and understand how to get unbanned from Tinder.

What Happens When Tinder Bans You?

So to get started, you need to comprehend what exactly a Tinder ban looks like. It is quite possible that there’s a glitch in the app but you’re starting to think that you have been banned. Thus, to understand completely what a Tinder ban is, read on!

Can You Search People On Tinder

A Tinder ban is essentially a total closure of your Tinder account on the application, implying that no one can see your profile or connect with you in any capacity. Your Tinder account disappears completely.

Additionally, if you are banned from Tinder, you will no longer be able to use the application with that phone number. Also, any special features you had as a premium user will be lost.

Note here that getting shadowbanned or banned from Tinder doesn’t mean getting blocked by some users. These are completely different scenarios. 

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Reasons Why You Get Banned From Tinder

Now getting banned is one thing, but not knowing why such a thing happened does not seem fair. There could be multiple reasons why the app banned you. These are some reasons that we could find out upon extensive research:

Faking a profile

If you violate the rules of the app by faking a profile, putting up false information, or violating the privacy policy in any way, you’re sure to be banned very soon. The community guidelines and privacy policy of dating apps are quite stringent these days. This is primarily because of the increasing cybercrime rate and the risks that people pose on online dating apps. 

Use of offensive language

Be it a dating app or any digital social media platform, using offensive language, or sitting behind a screen decreases your integrity and makes you a cyber-criminal. There are multitudes of ways you can get past a problem.

If you’re being troubled by someone online, reporting and complaining about that account is the best you can do. And the other scenario where the users simply tend to abuse or use inappropriate language to let out their frustrated emotions is just pathetic.

The person you are engaged with on these dating apps or sites has all the authority and power to report and complain against your account. 


Living in the 21st century and still talking crap about the sexual orientation of a person? This app simply wouldn’t put up with such kind of people.

You need to be open-minded, accepting, and sensible enough to welcome the diversity of the world with a smile. Passing any homophobic comments or abusing someone for the same reason can get you banned from the app. 


Again, it’s the 21st century, you need to understand that all races, castes, and religions are just like yours and that each one of them deserves to be treated equally. Passing racist comments or hurting someone’s sentiments based on race can get you banned from the app. 

Spam account and inappropriate content

Accounts that reach everywhere containing unsolicited content or pictures are definitive to be banned from Tinder. The app notes such actions and bans those who are spamming others and troubling them with inappropriate content. 

How Long Does A Tinder Ban Last: Are Tinder Bans Permanent?

Can You Search People On Tinder

A Tinder ban can last for as long as a year or a lifetime, that is, it can be permanent. There is no way to tell how long being shadowbanned will last, but for most people, it seems to be permanent. Unless support helps you reverse it, it’s usually a final decision if you’re completely banned.

How To Appeal A Tinder Ban?

You already got banned from Tinder, what now? Well, there is some good news for you. You can get unbanned if you follow the things we tell you. 

1. Request the support system: the first and foremost thing that you should try your hands on is to very politely appeal to the Tinder support system to unban you from the app. For this, you need to contact the support system of the Tinder app and ask them for the unbanning procedure. 

2. Hop onto a new account:  now that you’ve made the mistake, own it, move forward, and do not look back. Create a new account and start afresh. Make sure you don’t repeat those mistakes on this new one. 

3. Use previous data and pictures: when creating a new account, make sure the pictures and data are not similar to the older one. Doing the opposite might alert the system. 

4. A new phone number to the rescue: a new phone number can save you trouble. You can create a new account using a different number than the previous one. 

5. Google account change: it is a piece of cake to create a new Google account these days. People do have 3-4 accounts for various purposes. You can create a new Google account and create a new profile using that account. 

How To Make A New Tinder Account After Being Banned?

You can easily create a new account on Tinder after being banned. It is not as difficult to create a new account. What might be troublesome is to keep this account safe and make sure that this one is not banned again. You can create a new Tinder account using:

  1. A new phone number
  2.  A new Google account
  3. Use new pictures and data
  4. A new device
  5. Web browser in incognito mode

Tips When Opening A New Tinder Account After Being Banned

Even if you have created a new Tinder account, it is risky all around. Your Tinder account might be under supervision. Thus, you must take some precautions and avoid getting banned again. 

  1. Follow the rules for the Tinder community.
  2. Spam, nude or sexually explicit images, hate speech, and links to social media accounts like Only Fans should be avoided.
  3. Prevent being reported.
  4. Even though there is no official way to get out of a ban, some users have had success by politely contacting the Tinder support team. Try creating a brand-new account (such as Reset Tinder).
  5. Try another dating app if that doesn’t work.
  6. You could give Bumble and Hinge, two popular online dating apps, a try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I bypass the Tinder ban?

You should make sure you are doing everything right from following community guidelines to using the right content and ad language while on the app. 

2. Why do you need a VPN for Tinder?

A speed-dating event with more communication and fewer private surveys is typically fashionable. After all, disclosing personal information to the general public is not everyone’s cup of tea. This is why using a VPN while using Tinder is so popular.

3. Does Tinder ban your IP address?

Yes, tinder can ban your device, your IP address, and your email address if you are caught violating any guidelines or privacy policy. 


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