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Writing is a skill that not everyone is capable of mastering.

Are you a content writer with a passion or an aspiration? Is writing for blogs and other websites your pastime and a secondary or primary source of income? Do you often seek recognition for the articles you publish on the websites you create?

In light of these many questions, article writing, blog writing, and freelance writing have been popular over the last several years. However, as time has passed, authors have developed a greater need to recognize the material they produce. Are you more or less in agreement? Yes! As you can see, we are on the same page here.

First, let us disclose the unknown, namely, how you will be compensated or acknowledged for your work in completing your write-up. 


We are oddities123.com, and we provide you with both value and acknowledgment for the time you spend creating your material.

We are constantly looking for ambitious, enthusiastic, and professional writers and authors who might assist us in assisting them in getting the most out of their time and effort spent on them.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? Continue reading to find out the answers to the remainder of your questions. However, before doing so, if you have any fantastic and unique ideas, as well as excellent writing abilities, and would want to write for us, please contact us using the form located at the bottom of this page.

It seems that you are ready to go forward and learn more about this; in that case, it is time to turn your focus to more practical matters such as earning a livelihood and spreading the word about your writing.

Write for Us and Receive Compensation

Another platform, Write for Us and Get Paid, is available on oddities123.com under the Write for Us section.

Is it straightforward to comprehend? If that’s the case, let’s make it easier to understand:

You compose a piece of writing for us and email us.

We check it to make sure that: the article piece is written in your own words – it is 100 percent original; the language is clear and free of grammatical mistakes;

Implementing the rules and regulations.

We post it on our website and compensate you for your efforts by your content or agreement, which may be based on the number of words, length of the piece, or other factors.

However, oddities123.com will publish your article under their brand name after your funds have been received.’Write for Us and Get Paid’ is a highly recommended website for any authors who are seeking a fast source of cash.

Write for Us in Search Engine Optimization

You should be aware that Google is one of the most popular search engines on the internet. Are you and I on the same page? Yes, this is amazing.

As a result, if you are an experienced writer who can optimize material based on keywords for the article on the website to be published amongst, you would be considered for SEO Write for Us.

Our most fundamental expectation is that you would create original and visually appealing material that will entice people to spend some time with us.

While your material must, without a doubt, adhere to Google Guidelines, we would want you to make sure that your article is well-versed in a few words and practices, such as the ones listed below:

  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing 
  • Marketing through social media
  • Email marketing, for example.
  • Keywords

You will be compensated for SEO write-ups to guarantee that your knowledge is sufficiently appreciated if it is excellent enough to provide our value in exchange for your work.

Where Should I Submit My Work?

It seems as if you are prepared to make the most of it with “Write for Us,” and here we are to address one of the most critical concerns you may now have: “where can I submit my work.”

Once you’re sure in your material, all that remains is to:

  • Complete the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of this page.
  • You will subsequently be issued with a contributor account by oddities123.com.
  • You may edit your article here and then store it for later evaluation.
  • Your work will be subjected to a review procedure before being published.

Guidelines for Blog Posts

That is correct! It is now time to establish some ground rules to guarantee that we comply with all applicable laws and preserve integrity while posting your blog entries.

These are just a few guidelines for writing blog posts that you should keep in mind when you create and submit your work to us:

  • Language: Because English is a worldwide language, all of your articles and material must be written in the language.
  • Uniqueness: This cannot be compromised! Your material must be unique and original. Bear in mind that the material you create should have never been published on the web.
  • The article must be at least 600 words in length, but we would like it if it could be longer, perhaps 1000-1200 words.
  • Permissions to Reproduce: Your article must include at least one picture that you have permission to use under your copyright in public domains and licensed for commercial reuse.
  • Author’s Biographical Data and Permissible Content:
  • Your information and the source links you provide should not encourage social malpractices such as pornography, racism or hate, illegal activity, or harmful code, among others.

Formatting and Structure: 

You are responsible for ensuring that your work is readable and organized in a way that makes it easy to read.

Include Section and Sub-section Headings

Bold where necessary Bullet points, and

Separated into brief paragraphs

It was not intended to frighten you, but honesty is always a concern.

Email : manisha.puri88@gmail.com


Then what are you waiting for? Let us begin by assisting you assisting us in creating some enjoyable readings for our readers and, of course, returning some money to wallets. oddities123.com is eagerly awaiting your pitch; therefore, write for Us if you are a severe and dedicated content writer!


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