What Channel Is ESPN Plus On The Spectrum?[Updated 2024]

Spectrum TV has ESPN but finding the right channel number can become a tedious task. This happens because ESPN is on a different channel on Spectrum and it highly depends on which region you reside in.

But for most people, searching channel number 300 might work because it is a common channel number in various cities. But if you turn out to be unlucky in this then don’t worry there might be a different channel number for ESPN.

All you have to do is surf and find the right channel on your TV. To make it easier and less time-consuming for you, we have created a complete guide to finding the right channel number for ESPN. 

Apart from that, we have also shared a list of live game shows to watch on ESPN. By the end of this article, we are sure that you will find the answer to your question: “What channel is ESPN on  Spectrum?”

But Before That, You Must Be asking yourself, Can You Get ESPN on Spectrum?

We know this could be the first question that arises in some people’s minds who are new to Spectrum TV. So rest assured, you can get the ESPN channel on Spectrum TV because it comes with the complete package. 

Why Watch ESPN On Spectrum?

What Channel Is ESPN Plus On The Spectrum

Sports are something that makes us want to play it in reality. And when it comes to living matches, it brings all our close ones together under one roof where we eat snacks, pass comments, and cheer for our favorite team.

In short, it is an exciting and fun bringer makes the environment more fun and keeps sportsmanship alive.

So the main motive of Spectrum is to keep the spark of the sports lover ignited forever by providing an awesome sports channel and that is ESPN. 

As of now, this channel has been streaming in the homes of more than 102.7 million subscribers across the United States. And once you get Spectrum TV, you will never miss a single game match, be it national, local, or international sports.

ESPN channel is a complete package that shows live as well as recorded matches. 

That being said, here are a few currently running sports games, programs as well as shows you can watch on ESPN on Spectrum TV. 

1. 30 For 30 On ESPN – This original series focuses on various sports events and players. The viewers get a chance to watch the lives of the big players from the filmmaker’s point of view.

2. Around The Horn On ESPN – In this show, four sportswriters have a competitive debate about various sports.

3. E:60 On ESPN – This newsmagazine program features investigative journalism on various sports-related topics, problems, and much more.

4. Get Up! On ESPN – Get Up is a morning broadcast show that offers interesting highlights of the previous night’s or evening’s game including the beginning, mid-part, and results of the game.

5. Hall Of Fame On ESPN – The Hall of Fame is a night broadcast show that features and showcases current live events in the sports world.

6. Outside The Lines On ESPN – Outside the Lines is a critical debate show on ESPN that inspects the on as well as off-field games of all the sports. 

7. SportsCenter On ESPN – You can catch the regular sports news flagship program on the ESPN channel on Spectrum TV. 

8. College GameDay (basketball) On ESPN – This show is for all those people who get time off from work on weekends. It is broadcast in the Saturday Primetime season showcases college basketball games and gives a chance to new sports players. 

9. First Take On ESPN – First Take airs from Monday to Friday. Moreover, Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, as well as Molly Qerim are the three main hosts of this talk show.

10. College GameDay (football) On ESPN – College GameDay (football) is yet another weekend show that airs every Saturday morning. It showcases the previews of college football games during the season.

Apart from these shows, you can also watch Monday Night Countdown, Pardon the Interruption, Sunday NFL Countdown, Bowl Games, College Football Playoffs, High School Showcase, Little League Baseball World Series, and more.

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ESPN Channel Numbers On The Spectrum Channel Lineup

What Channel Is ESPN Plus On The Spectrum

We all have grown up watching sports shows on our cable TVs. Haven’t we? These days a lot of channels showcase sports and one of them is ESPN.

ESPN tops the list of sports and entertainment among sports lovers because it has got everything one needs. From covering minute-by-minute details of a particular show to showing game highlights, live commentary, and scores, it is a digital world in itself. 

One can even watch their favorite game shows like MLB, College Football, NFL, NCAA Basketball, NBA, and more. So if you happen to subscribe to Spectrum TV for the first time, you will get the ESPN channel on your TV lineup. 

In this section, we share the list of channels on ESPN on Spectrum to enjoy the live telecast of your favorite games.

  • Chart
  • Location Channel
  • Los Angeles 39, 300
  • San Diego 29, 300
  • Anaheim 35, 300
  • Long Beach 35, 735
  • Bakersfield 26, 102, 1102
  • Reno 33, 805
  • Corpus Christi 39, 300
  • San Antonio 24, 300
  • Austin 52, 300
  • El Paso 25, 300
  • Dallas 33, 773
  • Birmingham 20, 401, 1401
  • Montgomery 25, 808
  • Lexington 28, 506, 923
  • Louisville 31, 506, 923
  • Charlotte 39, 300
  • Durham 31, 300
  • Raleigh 31, 300
  • Indianapolis 36, 401, 1401
  • Milwaukee 30, 301
  • Kansas City 33, 300
  • Columbus 11, 506, 923
  • Cincinnati 30, 301, 1301
  • Cleveland 28, 301, 1301
  • New York 28, 300
  • Albany 24, 300
  • Buffalo 30, 300
  • There you have it, people!

Besides, if you are wondering, “What channel is ESPNU on Spectrum TV?” Or if you are looking for an ESPNU channel on Spectrum TV then simply type 370 number.

This channel number is available for most of the customers. However, you might find multiple or different channel numbers in a couple of places.

Watch ESPN Online With Spectrum TV

What Channel Is ESPN Plus On The Spectrum

With the new increasing service, you can get the ESPN app and stream numerous programs on your streaming devices like tablets, smartphones, computers, or any other devices.

This requires no additional costs.  But if you want to access a channel through this app, you need to subscribe to the channel as a part of the Spectrum TV service. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get ESPN Plus for free?
Unfortunately, no! Unlike other live TV streaming services, ESPN Plus has no free trial option. When ESPN Plus was launched back then in 2018, it used to come with a seven-day free trial for new users.

However, this service is no longer available for new subscribers since the company has ended this option. 

2. Why can’t I Watch ESPN with ESPN+?
If you are having trouble watching ESPN Plus then we will tell you why. First of all, ESPN Plus, ESPNU, ESPN, ESPN2, as well as ESPNews are separate cable networks.

Thus. subscribing to any of these networks will not give you access to live broadcasts of other ESPN channels. And secondly, an ESPN Plus subscription does not grant you access to streaming its other traditional channels.

If you want to watch something in any of those shows, then you will have to get a TV subscription through a cable, digital provider, or satellite.

3. Why do I need a TV provider to watch ESPN Plus?
Many users keep complaining that ESPN keeps on asking them for a TV provider to watch ESPN Plus.

If this is happening to you as well then you need either an active cable TV or an active streaming service account to be able to view the app’s live channels. Hope this helps.

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