What Does Pending Mean On Snapchat – Explained!

Do you use Snapchat? Love to gossip with friends there? Or do you send important messages on Snapchat? But sometimes it shows you pending next to a message. Now, what does Snapchat pending mean?

Here we’ll discuss that only!

What Does It Mean When A Snap Is Pending?

You could see “pending” next to a message for various reasons.

What Does It Mean When A Snap Is Pending

Reason 1

Snapchat app is having trouble delivering that particular message to the recipient. You’ll see a gray arrow too. Remember those old days’ SMS delivery reports? You used to get a confirmation once your SMS got delivered to the recipient’s mobile. This is also the same thing!

Reason 2

The recipient might have not accepted your Snapchat friend request.

Reason 3

Your friend might have deleted you from his Snapchat friend list or have deleted his/her entire Snapchat account.

Reason 4

Sending snaps to a random guy, who is not in your Snapchat friends list, could show you “pending” next to the message.

Reason 5

The app is not working properly. This could be caused by any glitches.

Reason 6

Sometimes, bad internet connections too can cause Snapchat pending messages.

How To Fix This?

Fix 1 – If your friend has not accepted your Snapchat friend request yet, ask him to accept it. Your message will be delivered once your friend accepts your request.

Fix 2 – If you’re sending messages to a random person, send him/her a friend request first. Send them messages once they accept your request.

Fix 3 – Uninstall and reinstall the app. If it’s an internal problem with the app, it should be fixed once the latest updated version of the app is installed.

Fix 4 – Disconnect and reconnect your mobile to the internet. This will help to fix bad connection errors.

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Snapchat: Waiting To Send – Why It Happens?

Have you ever tried to send a message on Snapchat, and it shows you “waiting to send”? This is a very frustrating issue in Snapchat. You cannot send any messages on Snapchat if a message shows you ‘waiting to send. It prevents all the text messages and snaps from going through, and you have to wait till the first message is cleared.

It appears once you hit ‘send’. ‘Waiting to send’ is different from ‘pending’ as ‘pending’ means it has not been delivered, but has already been uploaded on the Snapchat server; while ‘waiting to send’ means it has not even been uploaded yet.

Have you ever wondered why Snapchat says waiting to send?

Well, don’t worry. That is a case of nothing but a poor internet connection. But if your day is going worse, you may see the ‘waiting to send’ notification even after getting into a good network coverage!

This happens because of a glitch only. It sometimes occurs when the app gets confused about whether it should try to upload the message or not.

why does snapchat say waiting to send

Snapchat Waiting To Send Fix – The Best Way!

You can easily fix this problem by following the easy methods given below –

Method 1 – Disable Data saver

If you are running your device on data saver mode, disable it. It results in apps having limited or restricted data access. Snapchat has to have the data it requires to send any message.

On Android

Go to Settings > Sim cards & mobile networks > Set data plan > Data plan > Data limit, and disable the restrictions.

On iOS

On iOS, you have to disable ‘Low Data Mode’.

Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options, and turn off the ‘Low Data Mode’.

Method 2 – Force Stop Snapchat

Force-stopping Snapchat will close all the processes associated with the app. This might fix the issue, but let me warn you, you could lose the snap which is in the ‘waiting to send’ state because of this process.

To force stop Snapchat, press & hold the ‘Recent apps’ button, then swipe Snapchat away on either side.

Log Out, Log In

You could try by logging out of your Snapchat account and then log back in. Make sure you do not forget your Snapchat ID and password. It is required while you try to log in.

Otherwise, you might get locked out of your account. But you could lose the message in the ‘waiting to send’ state by this method too.

To log out of your Snapchat account –

  1. Launch app.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Tap ‘Log Out’.

Clear Snapchat’s Cache

Clear Snapchat’s Cache

Clearing cache is always a good way to troubleshoot a hell of a lot of issues. But this can be applied on Android OS only. If you have an iOS device, you have to uninstall and reinstall Snapchat to clear the cache files.

  1. Launch the app.
  2. Go to your Snapchat profile.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Tap ‘Clear cache’.
  5. Confirm your action.

N.B. – This will not affect your saved messages or memories. Clearing the cache does not delete any personal files.

Reboot Your Device

You see, this is the best solution for many problems with your device. This will end all the processes causing glitches. But this method too could cause you to lose the ‘waiting to send’ snap.

To reboot your device, just press and hold the power button, and choose ‘reboot’ on the appeared screen.

What Does The Gray Box Mean On Snapchat?

The gray box in Snapchat means less communication between you and the other person.

Generally, it indicates a contact or a friend with whom you don’t interact too much, or, in other words, very little.

Apart from that, it indicates those people who have not accepted your friend requests yet, or have blocked you!

Make Friends, Do Snapchat!

Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps. It has so many interesting pictures, videos, and GIFs. Snapchat filters are now the hottest trend among youngsters.

And we never want you to face problems while using Snapchat. Sending messages will now be easier as you’ve got all the solutions to your problems. So? Happy Snapchatting!

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