Destiny 2: Can’t Interact With EDZ Obelisk – Reason & Solutions

Are you a pro gamer? Spend all the time playing online video games? Then I’m sure you love Destiny 2: Season of Dawn! But sometimes you might face trouble playing it. Sometimes you might experience that you can’t interact with the solved! – Destiny 2.

What Is EDZ Obelisk?

EDZ obelisk is one of the obelisks you use for Sundial activity in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn. But this is not always available as it’s a part of a weekly rotation. Moreover, some gamers face trouble with it, like, they can’t interact with EDZ obelisk. But you believe it or not, there’s a straightforward solution to this problem. So let’s start with how to fix the Problem! – Destiny 2.

Solved! – Destiny 2: Can’t Interact with EDZ Obelisk

Interact With EDZ Obelisk – The Best Solution

So you’ve completed the quest to the point where you have to interact with the obelisk, and suddenly found that it’s not letting you interact! Now, why this happens? Is Destiny 2 EDZ obelisk bugged? Well, this is not the first time when an interaction bug was discovered in Destiny 2. When season 9 started, players faced a similar issue with Osiris, whom the players have to contact in the game for much of the content.

This interaction problem might happen with other obelisks too. If you face this problem, don’t panic in the middle of the game, cool down, and just walk away and try again! Do it multiple times. If you’re still not able to interact with the EDZ obelisk, head to another area on your sparrow, turn around, and try again.

I agree that it’s a temporary fix, and you might have to do this multiple times as one effort might not be enough, but the result is guaranteed.

Once you’re done with it, you’ll be able to feed it reputation items. This will increase your resonance rank, will get you bounties, or get you obelisk enhancements. It’ll stay active for a week and then it’s going to be replaced with another obelisk in some other place. 

Already tried all the steps above and still found the Destiny 2 EDZ obelisk not working. Relax! There are a few more instant fixes you can use.

  • Just wait at the obelisk and give it time to respond. Sometimes this works too. Though you might have to wait for approx. 5 or more minutes to appear the button prompt.
  • You can try clearing the console cache. Sometimes it works like magic!

If everything goes well, you won’t have to tension about interacting problems with an obelisk any further. But my advice is to remember how you fixed this problem as it can happen at any time, with any other obelisk.

Let me inform you that there’s no permanent fix to this bug. Though the development team is working on it and trying to get a permanent fix, until they finish it, these methods are the best Solution! – Destiny 2.

Where Is Obelisk In EDZ? – Location of EDZ Obelisk

EDZ Obelisk is a Sundial Obelisk and can be found in EDZ in the Gulch landing zone.

How Do You Unlock The EDZ Obelisk? – Complete Your First Quest

Once you start playing Destiny 2: Season of Dawn, you’ll find Osiris and have to talk to him. He’ll send you on a quest where you have to activate the Obelisk. To complete the quest, you have to kill Cabal and destroy enemies. You’ll officially unlock the obelisk once you’re able to enter its menu. 

Solved! – Destiny 2: Can’t Interact with EDZ Obelisk

But your task doesn’t end here. You have to link the Obelisk to the Sundial. There are other Obelisks like the Tangled Shore Obelisk, Mars Obelisk, and Nessus Obelisk. Each Obelisk allows you to choose a weapon after you complete the Sundial run.

How Do You Get Mods On Banshee? – Get Mod Components 

Solved! – Destiny 2: Can’t Interact with EDZ Obelisk

The answer is, yes! You can get mods from Banshee. In Destiny 2: Season of Dawn, mods allow you to take advantage of additional perks. You can attach those mods to your weapons to enjoy benefits like improved weapon handling, faster reload speeds, a hike in the damage limit you can take, and faster recovery.

There are various ways you can get mods, but some of the best mods are sold by Banshee-44, the Gunsmith in the Tower. Banshee can get you older mods that are not easily available, and you might not get them from any other source.

You can buy from Banshee a random weapon or Armor mod in exchange for two mod components and a thousand Glimmer. And you’ll need to complete daily bounties for Banshee to get mod components.

Banshee will give you four bounties with every daily reset. There will be rewards of two mod components and one enhancement core for each bounty once you complete it. Though you can buy more bounties in exchange for Glimmer, these will reward you with experience until the next daily reset. That means, from four bounties, you can get eight mod components daily.

I’ll suggest you do some bounties every day and build up a mod component stock. By this, you can jump on good offerings as soon as they appear in Solved! – Destiny 2

You can also take Banshee’s two weekly challenges which can get you a reward with upgrade modules. You can earn a powerful engram from Banshee by doing a total number of eight daily bounties each week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Destiny 2 EDZ obelisk bugged?

 Technically you might face some problems while interacting with the EDZ Obelisk. It might not respond, or interact with you. There’s no permanent solution to this bug from the makers, though they are working on it. You can temporarily fix it by zoning out and in multiple times, clearing the console cache, or waiting for the obelisk to respond.

How to attune an obelisk?

You have to head directly to the obelisk bank and interact with it. The obelisk will be attuned after you finish banking the Light. After this, you’ll be rewarded and the quest will be ended.

How do you link obelisks in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn?

If you want access to another obelisk’s inventory, all you have to do is link it to the Tower Obelisk at first. 

Grab a Time-loss weapon bounty from the Obelisk you want to link, complete the bounty, collect the weapon, then return to the Tower and interact with the Obelisk to forge a connection.

How many obelisks are there in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn? There are four Obelisks in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn. Those are Tangled Shore, Mars, Nessus, and the EDZ. Among these, Mars, Nessus, and the EDZ Obelisk are added in Destiny 2: Season of Dawn.

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