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Before we tell you about what happened to Kissanime? Let us make you aware of what is KissAnime and Kissanime alternatives. KissAnime has closed, after a huge legal battle with several bigwig ANime studios. Kissanime has been the favorite destination for fans to watch anime for free.

Now some people are looking that What is the official Kissanime website.  The official domain “” has stopped functioning as well as displays the below error message at the time of access.

These are the several mirrors, clones, and proxy sites of Kissanime that are still alive. Most of these are full of malware and do not work.

NOTE: To enjoy movies on Kissanime or any such site is illegal. As these share copyrighted material with no permission from the respective owner of the site.

While Kissanime might have departed for the foreseeable future, we have given you the most suitable legal alternatives to watch Anime online for free.

Alternatives For The Site

Kissanime alternatives

As the website of Kissanime is said to be an illegal one, the ISPs of most of the countries stopped this website completely. So, the question in such countries is which other anime websites are utilized for watching Kissanime online in high quality for free and who are also safe at the same time.

So there are numerous websites like Kissanime. These websites are the same as the Kissanime website and even most of the websites are better than Kissanime. If you are looking for the alternatives for Kissanime website then you are at the right place at  Kissanime myriad.


9anime includes traits the same as the KissAnime website. A grand hoard of anime movies and series is available on this site. Movies and series are uploaded regularly on this website. No registration is needed to access the site. A list of the newest and ongoing anime series is uploaded on time. There are dubbed and subbed versions available too.

Kissanime alternatives

The schedule of the latest anime is also given. The homepage of this site is almost the same as sites like Kissanime. So, this is one of the best alternatives to Kissanime.

ANi Watcher

ANi Watcher is the best alternative to Kissanime for watching anime stuff online. The homepage remains full of their trending episodes. The latest ongoing series are uploaded with subbed and dubbed versions.

Ani Watcher’s website has a user-friendly interface. The site provides HD-quality stuff. This site is safe to use. Registration or sign-up is not necessary but if you want to comment in the comment section then you have to register first.

A-Z Interface

This site is safe to use. A-Z interface website has a user-friendly interface. This site contains a huge collection of movies, shows, manga series, and anime series. Dubbed and subbed versions are there on the following site. Considered one of the best alternatives to kiss anime.

An action-adventure, horror, cartoon, romance, thriller, and many more genres can be enjoyed. This site provides the best video quality. You can rate this site after watching any show.  A list of total ongoing and upcoming series is also available on this site. To use this site there is no need to register for it.

Anime Land

The Anime Land provides the latest stuff on their site. It is considered one of the best sites because of its huge collection of anime. The homepage of this website is very attractive and designer.

They provide a list of anime movies and series and also it is a safe site to use. Hence, it is the best site for anime just like Kissanime. To use this site you do not need to register or sign up though.

Anime Planet

If you are looking for the best alternative to Kissanime then you have to try anime-planer. You can easily access this site. You can even enjoy the popular anime and the newest anime recommendation of the week.

More than 40K legal anime episodes are available on this website search option is also there. This site was launched in 2001 and after that, their presenters are working day and night only to entertain their views. The content is available in high definition.  However, numerous genres of anime are there on site.

GoGo Anime

This one is the highest streaming website for watching online anime series and anime movies. This site is safe to use. A myriad of famous ongoing series is also shown on this site. It is a user-friendly interface.

Kissanime alternatives

They even listed the latest series name on the site. The recently added name can be seen on the site as well as subbed and dubbed version is also available on this site. You also upload the anime by requesting it.

The site has a huge collection of movies as well as series. The content on the site is uploaded regularly. No need to sign up and register. However, it is a suitable alteration to Kissanime for watching anime movies.

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Anime Lab

The anime lab website is the same as Kissanime in traits. The site is a safe, trending, popular, and recently added series as well as the latest movies with subbed and dubbed versions are listed separately on the site.

Kissanime alternatives

Movies of various genres are uploaded regularly on this site. Registration and sign-up for this site.

Anime Frenzy

Anie Frenzy contains the largest database of anime series and movies. It contains a user-friendly interface. A list of the latest images, new animes, and ongoing animes is uploaded time by time.

Kissanime alternatives

The content on the site is uploaded regularly. All content is available in HD quality. They sign up to watch online movies and anime series.


Another website similar to Kiss anime is KIMCartoon. The homepage of this website is well-designed. This website also allows you to watch your favorite anime series online for free.

Kissanime alternatives

You have to log in and register on this website. All the stuff available on this site is of HD quality. Overall you can get the latest updates on the show. You can also request your favorite anime also report the error here. So you must say that KIMCartoon is the best anime website like Kiss Anime.


If you are seeking the same websites as Kiss anime then you must give it a try to this Kiss manga. The following anime site has a vast collection of new and famous anime series.

Kissanime alternatives

The website is safe for use. One better thing about this website types of genres. They also upload the list of ongoing Manga again and again. It is so much similar to KissAnime.

Kiss Asians

It is the latest anime movies and series are available here. This website gives facilities to report troubleshoots as well as allows you to request your favorite shows. The HD-quality videos are available on this website. It is safe for use and does not have any ads. You can also try this website if the Kiss anime website goes down and you are looking for a similar website like KissAnime.


It is also the most famous anime website Kissanime. You can enjoy your chosen anime shows online for free on this anime page. Dubbed series will also be available on this website.

Kissanime alternatives

This is free but you need to register yourself or sign in to enjoy your favorite anime series. This is the best anime site just like KissANime where all the updated anime series and anime movies are available.

The Benefits

Kissanime is the most famous anime website. But What is wrong with Kissanime right now?

The website allows users to watch for free. The homepage of the Kissanime website appears amazingly because of its design. One can watch the latest collection of anime movies.

One better thing about the Kissanime site is that you can request them to upload your favorite series on their homepage. Do we know after reading about such great benefits you are still thinking about what’s going on with Kissamine? And when will Kissanime be back?  You will get all the answers about Kiss Mine here with us.

KissAnime Website Down

People are featuring that is it down for Kissanime? Or what happened to KissAnime?

It is a reality that when some site is getting famous, due to some issues the site is down from the internet. The case is the same as Kissanime.

Recently, the news revolving around Kissanime is that this site is down for some time from the internet or this site is closed forever. Some of the permanent users are also worried about is Kissanime going to be banned.

So the answer to such a question is that due to some copyright issues kissanime site closed from the internet and you are now unable to access Kissanime Shield Hero.


If you are accessing some website then it’s your right to know about these things about the same site. The one thing is that you have to know about its safety and secondly, is this site legal or not?

The safety queries are concerned then yes this is a safe site. While using the site they never ask you about the personal information that belongs to you like a credit card, or contact number. They do not influx with the personal data of the users at the time of the utilization of the site.

If we talk about the legal issues of the Kiss anime site then it is tough to say that this site is illegal. Any activity of downloading from this site is illegal. But it doesn’t harm you. They utilize most of their stuff illegally. Also, upload it on their site. However, the activity never creates any trouble for viewers.


1. Which one is the real KissAnime?

Anime has started to develop appropriately from the world and the number of anime fans is expanding crucially everywhere. Most of their clients are not able to pay any sort of membership for watching anime and this problem was addressed by KissAnime elective as it was maybe the earliest site that has given anime real-time features free.

That is the reason anime lovers, as well as fans, all have soft corners for KissAnime. KissAnime was consistently a decent site for streaming free anime and possibly it will be. Yet, presently, it’s not on par with what it utilized to be in the past or an extensive period.

2. Is KissAnime illegal?

No. you being a viewer are allowed to watch it, you will not be arrested for it so do not worry. However, since these websites are not secure it is recommended to use a VPN to change the location. It can be only illegal if you stream the show and put the show on the website.

So, friends, you can watch the shows in peace without uploading them on different websites.

3. Did KissAnime shut down in 2020?

“” has been eliminated because of copyright infringement. However, “kiss-anime. was” still works. Additionally, they have generated a new site “” already. You should use a VPN to visit them.

So, the fact is there have been a lot of people after it for a long time. It’s just kind of harder to get them when they use domain/host from countries like China and Russia. The protection of intellectual property is a very Western and corporate idea. The other folk of the world have just been less active in caring.

4. Why did KissAnime shut down in 2020?

Well, as per their pages point to the “copyright owners”. I saw a rumor that it was because the content was being hosted on Google servers and Google did not like that. Japan is about to implement even stricter copyright laws.

The fact is there have been a plethora of people after it for a long time. It is just kind of harder to get them at the time they use domains/hosts from Russia and China. The protection of intellectual property is a very Western and corporate idea. The rest of the world has just been slower to care.


KissAnime is the most popular online streaming site for watching anime series and movies online. It carries a plethora of collections of anime series with dubbed and subbed versions. The things available on this site are HD quality. A different genre of anime is also available here.

If the site is not working on your device then you can try any one of the same sites. Such sites are well-designed sites and work similarly to KissAnime. The traits are the same as kissanime and safety too. So, if one site is not available to your device or causing errors then you can try another site as an alternative to KissAnime.

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