Why Is My Discord PFP Blurry?- Here’s The Fix

For the greatest possible fit, the image you use for your Discord profile should have a resolution of around 128 by 128 pixels and a 1:1 aspect ratio.

The photos you submit to the server to use as your profile image are limited to a maximum file size of 8 megabytes (MB), even though the closer your photo is to the maximum, the greater the quality will be.

If you have checked to ensure that your image is not too tiny, it is still possible that the present problem in the system has caused your profile photo to be fuzzy.

Suppose you’re having trouble uploading or altering your profile photo. In that case, you will discover in this guide why my Discord of blurry, as well as the steps necessary to correct the issue on both the desktop and mobile applications for Discord.

So, let’s start!

Why does Discord make PFP blurry?

After a user uploads a photo to the Discord application, the image that is shown after gets blurry, which is the root cause of many people experiencing problems with their PFP, it is because of a few factors, including poor picture quality and inconsistency of the image size in terms of whether it is excessively small or excessively huge.

When you submit a picture using your mobile device, the PFP feature may produce a fuzzy version of the image due to insufficient image compression or scaling.

How To Fix Discord Profile Picture Blurry Glitch?

Discord may have admitted to being aware of the bug its customers are encountering, but it’s also likely that fixing the issue will take some time. If you are seeking a short-term solution, we have devised a patch that you may apply, and it has the potential to cure the problem.

The only solution to the problem of blurry PFPs in Discord is to submit your PFPs via your computer’s browser rather than through the Discord client itself.

When uploading your PFP, I suggest you do it using either the Google Chrome or Safari web browser.

When submitting your PFP, check to see that the resolution of your FPS is set to 128 by 128.
If you select a completely arbitrary size, there is a good probability that you may run into pixilation difficulties.

How to fix blurry PFP on Discord Desktop?

When using the web-based version of Discord, there is no need to download any software to improve the clarity of a low-quality profile picture. Please adhere to these basic recommendations.

• You may connect to the Discord server by visiting discord.com/login or the discordapp.com website.

• On mobile devices, use Chrome/Safari in desktop mode instead of the built-in browser.

• If you’re using Safari on an iPhone, modify the text size in the display and brightness settings.

• After logging in, modify your profile image to your user profile.

• Your avatar will no longer be distorted once you’ve added a favorite image from your computer’s gallery to your browser.

• Then, you’ll want to save the image by pressing the Apply button.

• Locate the checkbox labelled “Desktop Site,” and then select it.

• Discord PFP blurriness may be fixed with this method.

How to fix blurry PFP on Discord Mobile?

Follow the procedures provided below to repair the fuzzy Profile Picture that appears in the Discord Mobile programs.

Step 1: Launch the Safari web browser, and go to the login page on the Discord website.

• To use your preferred web browser, go to the official Discord website.
• Click the “Login” button to access your account.

Step 2: Open User Settings

• After that, go to “User Settings” by selecting the gear icon located next to your user name at the very bottom of the page:
• Next, choose the “User SETTINGS” category from the “User Profile” menu and click on it.

Step 3: Change PFP

• A window labelled “User Profile” should appear on your screen.
• To alter the PFP that is currently being used, use the “Change Avatar” option.
• Then, for your PFP, you will have the option to “Upload Image” from your computer or “Try animated avatar.” In our situation, we will upload an image from our computer.
• Click the “Open” button once you have chosen a picture to submit as a PFP, and then make your selection:

Step 4: Save Changes

• Now, save your changes by clicking the “Save Changes” button, then leave the programs by using the “Esc” key on your keyboard.
• As can be seen, the clear PFP was successfully posted for our Discord account:

Moving on to the approach to repair the pixelated PFP on the Discord Mobile application, let’s get started.

How To Make A Discord Profile Picture More Clear?

You can improve the clarity of your Discord profile photo by downsizing the image to 128 by 128 pixels and getting it as near to 8 megabytes in size as you can.

If resizing the picture does not solve the problem, you will need to reupload it through a browser. Due to an issue that Discord is currently experiencing, profile images posted using the mobile app may seem pixelated.

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