How To Use A Neat Scanner Without Software Efficiently?

Do you want to look for ways to use a Neat scanner efficiently? As many people ask about how to use a neat scanner without software, the answer to this is that it is not possible to use it without downloading the software though the user can try using it without buying the subscription with the Neat hardware.

It is not developed to work with third-party hardware and for other developed scanners; the user might have to utilize the cloud software.

How To Connect The Scanner To The Computer?

If the device shows the message the scan to the computer is no longer activated, then the user might have to follow the steps mentioned below to resolve the issue-

1. Click on scan and a neat scan window will open up.

2. Turn the neat scanner on.

3. If multiple scanners are connected, click on the arrow located next to the scanner and then the user can opt for the scanner that they want to use.

Can Any Scanner Be Connected With The Neat Software?

Can Any Scanner Be Connected With The Neat Software

Many users ask “How do I connect my neat scanner to my computer?”. Any TWAIN-compatible scanner can be used with the software and it is a widely used software that helps to scan the image directly into the application such as Neat.

How To Install The Scanner?

To download a neat scanner the user can-

1. Find the model number of the scanner by looking at its bottom.

2. Unplug the scanner and close the Neat software on the computer.

3. Click on the model number in the chart to download the drivers.

Is the Neat scanner worth it?

The neat scanner can be connected to the wifi and then the items can be directly sent to Neat and the reports, data, and files can be shared from anywhere with the Neat mobile application. One can scan directly to the cloud service and use the in-built touchscreen menu.

Then they can click on more to connect to the scanner. The neat scanner is a great device to be used for a short duration but it does cost some time.

The technical support for the scanner is non-existent and then there is no way to contact any help while encountering a problem with the functioning of the software.

How To Download Neat Legacy Software?

To download the scanner software the user needs to follow the steps mentioned below-

1. Find the model number located on the underside of the scanner and then unplug the scanner.

2. Close the neat software on the device and then click on the model number in the chart to download the drivers.

How Do I Scan With A Neat Scanner?

To scan with the scanner the user needs to

1. Click on scan and then a neat scan window will appear.

2. Turn the scanner on and then if multiple scanners are opened on the application click on the small arrow next to the name of the scanner and choose from the available options.

Is Neat compatible with Windows 10?

How Do I Scan With A Neat Scanner

The compatibility of Neat with Windows 10 can be achieved by using a best-selling portable scanner that uses smart organization software. The receipts are used to scan the business cards, documents, and all the other kinds of receipts that are required.

Resetting the scanner

To reset the scanner entirely the user needs to click on the settings in the left corner of the home screen and then scroll until they find a section titled under the system.

Under the heading, Factory reset has to be tapped on and then a message box appears which prompts the user to confirm the process of resetting and it shifts back to the original settings.

Which Is The Neat Scanner Software Alternative?

There are many other fast scanners which can help in the functioning-

1. Using the Epson workforce wireless color receipt scanner

2. The Brother ADS-2700W Wireless High-speed color Duplex desktop. This is a document scanner with a touchscreen LCD-White.

3. The Epson workforce ES-300WR Wireless Receipt scanner

4. The Epson Perfection V550 Photo Scanner Black.

Is the neat scanner still functioning and used in business?

In 2017, it was announced that Neat would not be manufacturing any more scanners or selling them and is now focused on the powerful tools that are beneficial for small businesses. This might help such startups in bookkeeping and accounting through the cloud software sections.

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How To Use The Scanner Without The Software?

How To Use The Scanner Without The Software?

Many users ask the question “How do I scan without installing software?” as the scanner works directly with the software but can also be used with some third-party applications like TWAIN-compatible software.

In the case of the users of Windows, it suggests the free NAPS2 and then scanning the software using the Windows Fax and then scanning while Mac users prefer the built-in Image Capture tool to scan the items directly to the device.

If not the scanner, the driver needs to be installed for the scanner and the following steps should be followed-

1. Download and install the latest versions.

2. When the NAPS2 is opened, the user needs to set up a profile for the scanner by clicking on scan and selecting the new profile.

3. Click on the radio button for the driver and choose the device that is to be connected.

4. Choose the model number and then the settings.

5. For neat desktop and connection scanners, set the paper source and then feed the one-sided scans or the duplex for the two-sided scans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I use Neat scanner software on multiple devices?

Yes, you can install Neat software on multiple devices, allowing you to access and manage your scanned documents from different locations as long as you log in with the same user account.

Q2: What file formats can Neat scanners save documents in?

Neat scanners typically allow saving documents in various formats, including PDF, JPEG, and TIFF, making them versatile for different types of document management needs.

Q3: Does the Neat scanner support the scanning of plastic cards like IDs and credit cards?

Neat scanners are generally capable of scanning various types of media, including paper and plastic cards, making them useful for scanning business cards, IDs, and credit cards.

Q4: How do I update the firmware on my Neat scanner?

To update the firmware, you typically need to connect your Neat scanner to your computer, open the Neat software, and follow the prompts to check for and install any available firmware updates.


Many people are confused about how to use a neat scanner without software and the article deals with the various features of the software. It is widely preferred and used throughout the world and is a great software for short-term uses.

Since there is no technical support, the software can’t be used for long-term purposes. This article talks in detail about the working of the application and its uses and benefits.

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