Wondering How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify?

If you have your own Spotify playlist and you have shared it on your social media accounts and other places then you must have been intrigued to know how to see who liked your playlist on Spotify?

Well as sad as it is, this feature of viewing your follower’s profile is no longer available on Spotify. So you cannot see who liked your playlist on Spotify.

How Can You See Who Likes Your Spotify Playlist?

As unfortunate as it is there is no way to find out who actually saw your playlist on Spotify. You can definitely see who liked your playlist on Spotify when you use various Spotify apps, but this will no longer be possible in the Web player.

Spotify allows you to see the total number of likes each of your playlists has, however, you can no longer see who is following your playlists.

It has been quite some time now since you were able to see specific profiles of Spotify users who followed your entire account and not just one playlist. But now this feature is no longer available. 

Although in order to see the total number of likes on your profile you need to follow these steps-

Step 1- Select your library and then click your profile icon.

Step 2– Now click View Profile and finally playlists.

Step 3– The total counts of likes will appear below the name of each playlist. 

So we have already told you that you can no longer see exactly who liked your playlist, just how many people like them.

Spotify was equipped with this feature in 2013, but they removed this facility very soon. This feature not only allowed you to see individual names/profiles of people, but also the people who followed your account.

Spotify removed this feature primarily because of security reasons.

Wondering How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify?

How To See Who Liked Your Playlist On Spotify On The Mobile Device Easily?

We have already told you that Spotify no longer allows you to view or see who liked your playlists or profile. You will no longer be able to even access their profiles to see who they are. 

However, in a similar way you can definitely see the number of likes on your playlists on mobile devices on Spotify. All you need to do is just follow these steps- 

Step 1– Open your desired playlist that you want to check for likes.

Step 2– Now just directly under the title of the playlist, you will be able to see the number of Spotify playlist followers for each playlist. 

It has never been easier to locate your popularity for your choice of music. You just need to follow these steps to see your followers.

How To Know Who Follows Your Spotify Playlist On Your Account?

In order to view who follows you on Spotify, there are certain steps you can follow to find out more about your music choice fan following. 

However, this function is only available on your Mobile or PC Spotify App. You cannot perform this action on your PC web browser.

Follow these steps to find out who follows your Spotify playlist on your account- 

Step 1- Select the Follower’s tab on your Spotify App.

Step 2– You will find all the followers who follow your playlist.

Step 3– In case you need more information about your followers, you can go and follow their accounts.

Step 4– You will also have the opportunity of finding an overview of all the users who follow your profile.  

In case you need you can also call up these profiles and receive information from users regarding – 

Profile picture, name, public playlists, artist, subscribed playlists, and even the users’ followers.

How To See Who Likes And Follows Your Spotify Account?

You can find out who follows your Spotify account by following a few steps-

Step 1– Open the Spotify app on your mobile or PC and then select Your Library which can be found at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2– It will now show you the list of your recently played songs and artist. 

Step 3– Now your profile icon and name will appear at the top of the screen, just click on it.

Step 4– Now at the top you will see your name and below it, you will find “View Profile”. Select it.

Step 5– Now you can see various options such as all your playlists, followers, and everyone you follow and like.

Step 6– Now if you click on followers you will get a detailed list of who your followers are and you can check each of their profiles.

Getting to know the people who love your music choice and follow you is an amazing feeling and every music lover loves it.

To Summarize

We have already told you that back in 2013 Spotify had this amazing feature that let the users see and find out who exactly followed their playlists or liked them.

However, now it just allows the users to see the total number of people who like/ follow your Spotify playlist.

Do we know you have this urge to know how to see who liked your playlist on Spotify? But we are sad to let you know that will not be possible.

In fact, for nearly every year since they removed this feature of who liked or followed your playlist, users made it one of the tops requested Spotify features.

More than 22,000 people have voted for it. Although Spotify has classified the request as “Not Right Now” and made no comments on it since 2019. 

It seems that they don’t have any plans to add it again, anytime soon in the future. And unfortunately, even tech experts have found no such hacks for it yet.

But you can still enjoy Spotify!

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