What Channel Is Paramount On Dish? Complete List

Your favorite Paramount Network is dedicated to channeling no. 241 on your Dish TV connection. You can just put on channel no. 241 to watch Paramount Network after you install the Dish TV connection and pay the bills for it.

In the present days, Paramount Network has become a premium channel and now is competing with other premium channels like HBO, or FOX. People of over 90 million houses watch Paramount Network daily in the USA.

But it is hard to find what channel is Paramount on Dish, or any other television channel service provider.

There is growing competition in the market, and day by day it is being difficult to keep track of your favorite channels of yours. And this is why I am writing this article so that you can know what channel is Paramount on Dish, Spectrum, or DirecTV.

What’s On Paramount Network?

what channel is paramount on dish

Before I tell you what you can watch on Paramount Network, let me tell you why you should choose to watch Paramount on Dish over traditional satellite television networks.

The signal of Dish is stronger than traditional satellite signals both in the urban and especially in rural areas. Apart from that, Dish offers free installation for customers. This is why most Paramount Network viewers prefer watching it on Dish rather than watching it on satellite channels.

Now let me tell you what you can watch on Paramount Network.

Once you choose to watch Paramount Network, you will get access to thousands of movies, shows, and a lot more worth watching.

Currently, Paramount Network offers you online blockbuster movies like Top Gun Maverick, Jurassic World Dominion, Elvis, Thor Love & Thunder, Morbius, Barbarian, & more.

Among the TV shows, you can watch famous TV shows like Yellowstone, Bar Rescue, Wife Swap, Ink Master, Rest in Power, and many more.

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How To Download Videos From Paramount Network?

what channel is paramount on dish

Now we have to come to that part of this article where I am going to tell you how you can download videos from Paramount Network.

But before proceeding, let me tell you that you will not be able to download the videos on your PC from Paramount Network.

But if you use an iPhone, Android phone, or iPad, then you can download the videos on that device and watch them when you are offline or have a low internet speed.

You are allowed to download a maximum of 25 shows. You can stream the downloaded videos on a maximum of 3 devices at a time.

Now read the steps carefully that I have written below to know how you can download the videos from Paramount Network.

To download videos from Paramount Network –

  • Download the Paramount + app on the device you have.
  • Open the app.
  • Log into your account.
  • Search for the show or movie that you would like to download.
  • Try to locate the down arrow on the video screen. If the video is available for downloading, then you will find the button on the right side of the video thumbnail.
  • Tap the down arrow button to download the video on your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Paramount Plus free with DISH?

Though Dish offers free installation for customers, you will not get Paramount Network free with a Dish TV connection. You have to subscribe to one of the plans of the Paramount Network. There are two plans available. One is the ad-free premium plan, for which you have to pay a monthly subscription, and the other is the ad-supported essential plan where you will not get ad-free content.

2. What channel is 1883 on DISH Network?

If you have a Dish Network connection, then if you go to channel no. 1883, you will see the Paramount+ channel. Channel no. 1883 is dedicated to Paramount+ on Dish Network connection.

3. What time is Yellowstone on DISH Network?

The TV show Yellowstone comes on every Sunday at 8 PM. Season 5 of the TV show Yellowstone is going to be premiered on 13th November 2022 at 8 PM. And from then onwards, the episodes of the show will be on air every Sunday at 8 PM ET/PT in the USA.

4. How do I add Paramount Plus to Dish Network?

  • Open the official website of Paramount+.
  • Choose DISH Network from the list of TV service providers.
  • Now log in with DISH Network by putting your username and password.
  • Now log into your Paramount+ account.
  • You are done!

5. Does Netflix have Yellowstone?

No, you will not find Yellowstone on Netflix. If you want to watch the seasons of Yellowstone, then you have to watch it on Paramount Network.


People have started loving the programs of Paramount Network, and every day the number of viewers of Paramount Network is increasing. People in the USA use different TV service providers, among them one of the most popular service providers is DISH Network. And the task of locating Paramount Network is a bit tough if you do not know it.

That is why I have written this article to let you know on which channel you will find Paramount Network on a DISH Network connection. I hope this article will help you to find out the channel dedicated to Paramount Network on your DISH Network connection. All the best!

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