How To Stream Switch On Discord [Easy Steps]

Once streaming video games was hardly popular among gamers. The game lovers used to love to play and enjoy games on their own.

Streaming video games was just an exception back then. But now the entire scenario has turned 180 degrees. Nowadays, streaming video games is the new normal thing around the world.

And not streaming your games is considered an exception. One of the best video game streaming platforms around the world is Discord. You can easily stream your Nintendo Switch video games on Discord.

You will need to arrange some things like a video capture card, your Nintendo Switch docking station and the console, several cables, etc. as the preparation.

Then you will have to set all this equipment up for the streaming, and you are ready to stream your game! So? Do you want to know more about how to stream Switch on Discord? Then let’s start!

What You’ll Need To Stream Nintendo Switch On Discord

 How To Stream Switch On Discord

Before you can start streaming your Nintendo Switch game on Discord, you must arrange some equipment. Let me tell you about them in detail.

  1. The Nintendo Switch gaming console
  2. Switch docking station
  3. A PC or Mac
  4. Required connectors and cables
  5. One active and original Discord account
  6. A video capture card
  7. VLC media player
  8. A good internet connection

You can proceed to the next part once you arrange all the equipment listed above.

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How to Stream Switch on Discord?

Next, you have to set up your device to start the streaming. And you need to follow certain steps to do that.

  • Connect Nintendo Switch to Docking Station

As the first step, you have to connect the Nintendo Switch console to the Docking Station using a USB cable.

  • Connect Video Capture Card

As step 2, connect your video capture card to the Docking Station using an HDMI cable.

Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the HDMI port of the video capture card, and another end to the docking station.

  • Connect the video capture card to your computer

Now connect the cable of the video capture card to your computer.

N.B. – If your computer already has an HDMI port, then you can skip connecting the video capture card to the docking station and can connect the docking station directly to the HDMI port of your computer using an HDMI cable.

  • Download drivers

Now use the internet connection and download all the required drivers for the video capture card. Once finished downloading, install them on your computer.

  • Setup Video Window

In this part, you have to create a customized video streaming window on the computer. Now before proceeding, open the software of the video capture card, copy the code of the video, and paste it on a notepad or WordPad.

  • Download VLC

VLC is a free media player. You have to have this software installed on your computer if you want to stream Nintendo Switch on Discord.

So if you do not have this software on your PC, then download and install this media player on your device.

  • Paste the Code

Now open your video capture card followed by click Advanced Options. Now copy the code you have pasted in Notepad or WordPad, and paste the code in the Video Edit section of VLC. Do the same with the Audio Edit section too.

  • Add Target

Now add the target to paste the text that you have copied. You now can access the video capture card for absolutely free through the open-source program of VLC.

  • The Last Step

As the last step, open Discord from your computer and join the desired Discord server. Now join a voice channel.

To complete the setup, open the screen settings and link the VLC media player using the application tab.

frequently asked questions

1. How do I stream my switch on Discord without a capture card?

If you want to stream Nintendo Switch on Discord without using a video capture card, then you have to have a desktop or laptop computer that has a female HDMI port in it.

HDMI ports on the PC allow you to connect the docking station directly to the PC, thus you do not have to use the video capture card.

2. Do I Need More Memory to Stream Games on Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch comes with only 32 GB of internal storage memory. This restricts you to store more games on the console.

So it is a better idea to attach a micro SD card with your Nintendo Switch to store more games on the console.

This will allow you to play all your favorite games on Nintendo Switch and stream them on Discord.

3. Can You Mirror Nintendo Switch Games On A Bigger Screen?

Sadly, casting or mirroring Nintendo Switch games on a bigger screen wirelessly is currently not possible.

Nintendo Switch does not allow you to cast or mirror the screen wirelessly. But you can connect your Nintendo Switch to a bigger screen using a HDMI cable.

4. What Do I Need To Stream Nintendo Switch On Discord?

You will need – 1) your Nintendo Switch console, 2) a docking station, 3) a video capture card, 4) a PC or Mac, 5) cables and connectors, 6) a VLC media player, 7) an internet connection, and 8) an active and original Discord account.

5. Which Is The Best Media Player For Capturing Video And Audio Data Streams On Discord?

VLC media player is the best media player in terms of capturing video as well as audio data streams on Discord.

The Conclusion

So here you just learned about streaming Nintendo Switch games on Discord.

Discord is the best platform to stream video games, and the whole world of gamers is now following this trend.

So now I hope you will have no problem in streaming your Nintendo Switch games on Discord.

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