How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord – Easy Tricks

If you are faking up tackling the unusual behaviors of the members you have added to Discord and are thinking about how to make someone a mod on Discord, then this write-up is just for you!

There are 29 kinds of Discord channel permissions for the standard users. 9 of them are for text-oriented interactions, 13 are dedicated to the server, and 7 are for voice messages. Apart from that, giving permissions to the members is not a one-time process. And it needs continuous surveillance to monitor what the members are doing, which is very hectic.

So if you are running a server with more than hundreds of users, things just can go out of hand.

But there is a way to unload the tremendous pressure of running a large server like that on Discord. That is, you can add a moderator! And in this article, I’ll tell you how to add a moderator on Discord.

Adding A Moderator – How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord

The mod, or the moderator’s job on Discord is to assist you in running your server by helping you to maintain a good, friendly atmosphere on the server for every user. These moderators act like patrolmen who continuously monitor the activities of the users of your Discord community.

The moderators have the authority to add a member, or remove one, edit or delete their messages, and re-edit a few configurations of the channel. But it depends solely on you how much power you give to your moderators.

So if you are thinking now about how to make someone a mod on Discord server, let me tell you that there are a few steps by which you can add someone as the moderator of your channel. Those steps are –

  • Create A Role
  • Arrange the Role Settings
  • Allot It To A person

How To Make Roles In Discord

The first step to adding a moderator on Discord is creating a role. If you do not know how to create roles in Discord, just go through the steps written below, and follow them.

how to make someone a mod on discord

  • Go to the server list.
  • Choose for which server you want to add a moderator.
  • Click the down arrow which you’ll find at the side of it.
  • Click the Service Settings > Roles
  • Click the + icon from the left corner at the top of the screen.
  • Give a name in the Role Name section.
  • Give it a color to distinguish this moderator from other mods.
  • Apply the changes by clicking the green switch which you will find at the bottom.

Role Settings

The next things that comes at this stage is the Discord channel permissions. It allows you to give permissions to your mods whom you have allotted on your channel.

Just go through the settings and toggle on or off the switches to adjust permissions for your moderator on your channel.

Allot This Role To A Member

Now it is the time to allot this role to a member whom you have chosen to be the moderator of your channel.

  • Come back to the server list.
  • Right-click> Server Settings on the desired server.
  • Click Members.
  • Choose the member you want to be the next moderator of this server.
  • Click the Add (+) icon next to his or her username.
  • Click the name you have given to the role from the sub-menu.

Add An Admin On Discord

The next thing is to add an admin to your Discord server. In this part of this article, I shall tell you how to make someone admin on Discord.

There are no differences in admins and mods. Their jobs are the same on a Discord server. Admins too can monitor, add, remove, and make changes to some settings of the server. But make sure you trust fully the person whom you are going to appoint as an admin on your Discord channel.

How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord

Follow the below-stated procedure to add someone as an admin on your Discord server.

  • Open Discord.
  • Open the server on which you want to add an admin.
  • Open Server Settings by clicking the name of the server on the left corner at the top.
  • Click the Roles option from the given list.
  • Click the + icon next to the option Roles
  • Give a name to the new role under the Role Name section.
  • Check the option Administrator under General Permissions.
  • Click Save Changes.
  • Go to the user’s profile to whom you want to give this admin’s role.
  • Right-click on his or her username.
  • Choose Roles.
  • Check the box of Administrator.

Make Ranks In Discord – Mobile

The next is how to make ranks in Discord.

Again, here the word Rank is similar to Role or Admin. Do not get confused by the terminology. All are the same and have the same use.

As I have told you how to make someone a mod on Discord on PC, here rather I shall tell you how to add ranks in Discord on mobile.

  • Open the Discord app.
  • Go to the desired server.
  • Tap Server Settings.
  • Tap Roles.
  • Tap Add Roles.
  • Give a good name in the Role Name section.
  • Turn the Administrator switch on from General Permissions.
  • Tap Save.
  • Come back to the server list.
  • Tap Members.
  • Choose your preferred member and tap the + icon beside the username.
  • Tap Moderator/Administrator.

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Discord Mod Commands

Once you set moderators on your Discord server, you can set up some commands for them for moderation. These commands will help you to minimize spam and will help you to run things efficiently.

Let me tell you the most popular commands which you can use for your Discord mods.

There are two ways to use these Discord commands. One is, that you can use the most popular Discord commands. And the other is, you can use the MEE6 bot to use the commands. MEE6 is a very popular bot in Discord command.

how to make someone a mod on discord

First, I shall discuss the basic commands.

Basic Discord Commands

The beauty of these commands is, that you can use them in the chatbox without the help of any kind of bots. These commands will make the platform more engaging and will bring more fun to it.

/giphy [term or word]It will search the animated GIFs depending on the word or term you put.
/tenor [term or word]It will search animated GIFs from another site, i.e. Tenor’s site depending on the term or word you put.
/tts [term or word]It will activate the text-to-speech system and will read the messages loudly to all the current users presently viewing your channel.
/me [phrase or word]It will emphasize the phrase or the word you typed to make it stand out in your channel.
/tableflipIt will input the tableflip emote in the channel.
/table flipIt will input the unflip emote in the channel.
/shrugIt will input the shrug emote in the channel.
/spoiler [phrase or word]It will mark the phrase or the word as a spoiler and will black out it. if any user wants to read the message, he or she has to click the message first.
/nickIt will allow you to rename your nickname.

Mee6 Bot Commands

Now comes the MEE6 commands. Check the list out for the best MEE6 bot commands.

!temp ban [member] [duration] [reason (optional)]It will ban the member you mentioned from that particular server.
!template [member] [duration] [reason (optional)]It will enable or disable the slow mode for a particular server.
!mute [member] [reason (optional)]It will ban the mentioned member for the period you mentioned.
!slow mode [optional timeout] [optional off]It will mute the mentioned member. They won’t be able to write or speak on that particular server anymore.
!unmute [member]It will unmute the mentioned member.
It will temporarily mute the mentioned member for a specific period.It will kick a member out of a particular server.
!kick [member] [reason (optional)]It will show the number of infractions a user has in the server.
!infractions [member]It will show the number of infractions a user have in the server.
!warn [member] [reason (optional)]It will warn the mentioned member.
!clearIt will clear the messages of the channel.
!clear [member]It will clear the messages of the mentioned member from the channel.

How To Get Admin On Discord Without Permission

Well, if you are searching for how to get the admin post on someone else’s Discord server, let me tell you that there are no such ways by which you can fulfill your wish. You simply cannot make yourself or any other person an admin on another person’s Discord server without letting him or her know, or without his or her consent.

But isn’t there any other way? Well, you can still request the owner of the server to make you an admin, or recommend someone whom you want to be an admin on his or her Discord server. You can simply drop a message on Discord, or via any other communicating platform.

Discord Moderator Application

The Discord moderator application is a web-based form. This is used when someone wants to join any server as an admin or moderator.

But if you want to use this form to fill it up and join some Discord server, you do not have to download it, as there is no download options for this form. You only have to submit your Discord name & age along with a reason of why you want to join this Discord server.

Remember that these applications can be both accepted, or rejected. It depends on the present moderator who is scrutinizing your application.

To Wrap It Up

Discord is one of the most popular live game streaming sites where there are millions of users. Many people have their servers in Discord with hundreds of members in them. Sometimes the owners face trouble running the server properly, and then they appoint mods.

I hope I have successfully described how to make someone a mod on Discord. I am sure that after reading this article, you will be able to add mods or admins very easily on your Discord servers. All the best!

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