How To Make Roles On Discord On PC And Mobile

All Discord users want to know how to make roles on Discord. If you are a gamer, and if you use Discord, then most likely you have a Discord server of your own.

If you have a Discord server with more than 100 members, then you need to create roles for the members to run your server.

Discord roles allow you to give some power to a few members on your server to manage your server. A single person can’t maintain and run a Discord server that has a large number of members.

If you go for maintaining the server alone, you may land into trouble. Adding roles to your Discord server helps you to keep your server clean, and free from all types of spamming.

In Discord, the Roles you add help you in running the server and maintaining the healthy atmosphere of the server. But be sure whom you are appointing a role. Because the role of a Role is very important here.

So now the question is, It is not rocket science, rather it is a very easy and short process. Here in this article, I shall teach you the process of creating roles on a Discord server.

So, let’s start!

How To Make Roles On Discord

Before I start telling you the process, let me tell you that to operate Discord, you need to have either a smartphone or a PC.

Because Discord can be operated through both PCs and smartphones. And you can make roles on your Discord server on both PC and mobile too!

How To Create Roles On Discord Server Through Computer

To assign roles on a Discord server through the computer, you need to be the Admin first of that particular server. After you choose yourself as the Admin of that particular Discord server –

  • Open the server.
  • Go to the Server Settings by clicking the drop-down arrow from the right side of the server name followed by clicking the Server Settings option from the left panel.
  • Now click on the option Roles that you find on the left panel.
  • Click on the blue-colored Create Roles option. After this, you will see an option called New Role. Click on that.
  • Now give a name to that role. You can assign the role a color. The color will distinguish the particular role from other roles.
  • Now you have to give power to the role. Review all the 32 permissions, and allow the required permissions to the role.
  • Click on Save Changes.

Assign Roles On the Discord Server Through the Computer

When you have created a role, you will need to assign the role to a member. But let me suggest you be selective while assigning roles because the maintenance of your Discord server will depend on to whom you are assigning roles.

To assign a role on your Discord server through computer –

  • Click the role.
  • Click Manage Members followed by Add Members.
  • Check the boxes beside every member to whom you would like to assign the role.
  • Click Add.

Now you have successfully created and assigned roles on your Discord server through your computer.

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Make Roles On Discord Mobile

How to make roles on Discord

To make and assign roles on the Discord server through your mobile phone, you need to install the Discord mobile app on your smartphone. After installing the Discord app on your mobile –

  • Open the app.
  • Choose the server.
  • Tap the three-dot icon from the right side of the server’s name.
  • Tap Settings and come down to User Management.
  • Tap Roles.
  • Search for the particular member’s username to whom you want to assign a role.
  • Check the boxes next to the particular role that you want to give to that member. If the role you want to give to that member is not on the list, tap New Role.
  • Give a name to the role and assign a color.
  • Set permissions for the role.
  • Tap Save.

Edit Roles On Discord

To edit roles on Discord –

  • Open Discord.
  • Open the particular server.
  • Go to Server Settings > Roles.
  • Open the particular role that you want to edit.
  • See the list and make the necessary changes.

Unlock Roles

Here I shall talk about how to unlock roles on Discord.

Unlocking roles on Discord is a very easy procedure. I have given the procedure below. Check that out.

  • Log in to Discord and access the particular server.
  • Click Server Settings.
  • From the drop-down menu, click Roles.
  • Choose the role you want to unlock.
  • Open the Permissions tab.
  • Toggle the permissions on to unlock several permissions for the role.

Make Private Roles

To make a role private –

  • Right-click on the particular group of channels.
  • Select Edit Category > Permissions.
  • Toggle the switch of Private Category to make the group private.
  • Now click Add Members or Roles and add the roles you want to join this group.

Display Roles

  • Log in to your Discord account.
  • Access the particular server.
  • Click Server Settings > Roles.
  • Now open the option to Edit Role and toggle on the switch for Display role members separately from online members.

Move Roles

You need to –

  • Log in to your Discord account and open the desired server.
  • Go to the Server Settings > Roles.
  • Select the role that you would like to move.
  • Toggle on the button next to the role name.
  • Press the Shift button on your keyboard and click and hold on the role name.
  • Now move the role to your desired place.

Delete Roles

To delete any role from your Discord server –

  • Log in to your Discord account.
  • Open the desired server.
  • Open Server Settings > Roles.
  • Choose the role you want to delete.
  • Click on the Delete button that you will find below the role.
  • Click OK to confirm your action.

Discord Roles Bot

Using a Discord role bot, you can assign roles to your Discord server even more quickly. Such a Discord role bot is Carl Bot.

As an example, I am telling you how to make roles on Discord with Carl Bot.

  • Go to the official website of the Carl Bot and add the bot to your Discord account.
  • Create a New Role from the Server Settings.
  • Create the Roles.
  • Select the channels.
  • Add Title, Description, and Color for the roles.
  • Give names and emojis to the roles.
How to make roles on Discord.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are Discord Role Bots?

Discord bots are such AI-driven tools that can automate your tasks on Discord and help you out. Similarly, Discord Role Bots are AI-driven bots that help you in creating roles on a particular server.

  • What are good role bots for Discord?

A few good role bots for Discord are –

  • MEE6
  • ProBot
  • IdleRPG
  • Dank member
  • Community Hubs
  • Carl Bot
  • Is Discord Safe?

Discord is safe to use as it contains no virus or malware. But if you have any doubts in your mind, then you can always opt for a good VPN service to use.

To Wrap All Up

Discord is one of the very popular services around the whole world and the popularity of the service is growing day by day. More people are using Discord and they have several Discord servers.

And they are assigning new roles every day to their Discord servers to maintain them. In this article, I have thoroughly discussed how to add roles to a Discord server and discussed the duties of the roles too.

I hope this article will be helpful for all of you who want to add roles to your Discord servers. All the best!

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