How Do You Shuffle On Spotify – The Easiest Way

If you are a hardcore music lover, then you have landed at the perfect place. Here I shall tell you how you shuffle on Spotify.

Spotify is the leading music app that is ruling the online music streaming platforms. Spotify serves people from almost every country that exists on this planet. Spotify offers a lot of features to users who love to play music while working, traveling, or in their leisure time. One of the exciting features of Spotify is to shuffle your music playlist.

But many users do not know how to shuffle their playlist, and what will happen if they turn the shuffle on of their playlist. This is why I am writing this article, giving you every possible information related to shuffling playlists on Spotify.

How Do You Shuffle On Spotify

Frankly speaking, this is not a very hard task to do. You can do it within a couple of seconds.

The quickest answer to this question is, to find the Shuffle button on Spotify and tap it to turn it on. That is all you have to do.

Now let us go deeper on the same question.

Shuffle Spotify On Mobile

Here I am going to share the process of how to turn on the Shuffle feature on mobile.

Read the process I stated below. This will apply to both iOS and Android mobiles.

how do you shuffle on spotify

  • Open Spotify.
  • Start playing music.
  • Make the current song page full-screen.
  • Tap the Shuffle button to turn it on. You will find it on the left side at the bottom. Check whether the button has turned green or not.

Once you turn the Shuffle on, the subsequent songs will start playing randomly. This is what happens when you turn the Shuffle feature on in the Spotify app.

Shuffle Spotify On Pc

If you are using the Spotify desktop app, then it will be very easy for you.

  • Open the app.
  • Start playing music.
  • Check the media control to find the Shuffle button.
  • Click once on the button and see whether a green dot has appeared under the button or not.

The green dot means you have successfully turned on the Shuffle. The songs will start playing randomly.

Shuffle Spotify Playlist

This is also a simple thing you have to do on the Spotify mobile.

  • Open Spotify.
  • Open your playlist list.
  • Select a playlist and open it.
  • Now play a song.
  • Make the song screen full screen.
  • Now tap or click the three dots you will find at the right corner of the top.
  • Now tap or click the Shuffle button to turn on the Shuffle for the playlist.

If you ask how you shuffle a playlist on Spotify on a laptop, then also the steps and the method will be the same. You have to follow the same steps and method to turn shuffle on Spotify from your laptop.

Find The Shuffle Button

The next is where is the Shuffle button on Spotify.

Spotify – Where Is The Shuffle Button

This question will have two answers. One for a normal song in the library which is selected previously by Spotify itself for you. And the other is for the playlist which you have created on Spotify.

You will find the normal Shuffle button on the Spotify app at the bottom on the left side of the screen when you make the song full screen. This is easy and takes a shorter time.

how do you shuffle on spotify

But if you are trying to find the Shuffle button of a playlist you have created, then you have to work a bit harder and spend a bit more time.

First of all, you have to open the playlist, followed by you have to play a song from that list. Then you have to make the song full screen. Now check for the three dots at the top of the right corner of the screen. When you tap that icon, you will find the Shuffle button to turn the shuffle on for that selected list.  

Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify

First, let me talk about how to turn off the shuffle on Spotify on iPhone.

Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify on the iPhone

Read the below-mentioned steps carefully to turn off the shuffle on Spotify from any iPhone.

  • Open Spotify.
  • Start playing any song.
  • Make the song full-screen.
  • Look for the shuffle button at the left of the bottom of the screen.
  • Tap it to turn it off.

As simple as that!

Turn Off Shuffle On Spotify On Android

Let me inform you that the steps are the same. It does not matter whether you are using Spotify on an Android or iPhone.

You have to open Spotify, then play a song and make the song full screen, then tap the Shuffle button at the bottom-left corner.

how do you shuffle on spotify

Spotify Shuffle Not Working

To answer this, let me give you a small piece of information. Spotify has updated the algorithm they use to shuffle songs on their app. So it might be happening because you are still using the older versions of the app where the app is running on the old algorithm.

So I would like to suggest you update your Spotify app to solve this issue. After updating the app, the issue should be no more there.

Playlist Randomizer

Here I shall talk about the playlist randomizer on Spotify. But before going into the details, let me tell you that this feature will only work for the Windows/Mac/Linux app versions. This feature is not available for smartphone apps or web players. Also, you will need a web tool to do this.

If you want to randomize a playlist on Spotify, you just have to follow the steps stated below.

  • Open the playlist.
  • Select the songs you want to randomize.
  • Copy those songs by pressing Ctrl + C
  • Open the Web Tool.
  • Delete the Description text from the inside of the tool.
  • Paste the songs by pressing Ctrl + V.
  • After this, you can click RANDOM as many times as you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Can’t I Shuffle On Spotify?

You might be using any of the older versions of the app. If you are unable to shuffle songs or playlists on Spotify, just update the app. This should fix this annoying issue for you.

  • How Do I Get Songs To Shuffle On Spotify?

You can either just open the app and start playing a song, then just make the song full screen and tap the Shuffle button to turn it on. You will find the button on the left side at the bottom.

Or you can play a song from the playlist, make the song full screen, and tap the three dots at the right of the top followed by tapping the shuffle button on.


Millions of people on this globe use Spotify to stream songs. This is why shuffle is one of the most important features. It allows the songs to play subsequently.

Here in this article, I have discussed all the possible problems related to Spotify Shuffle and have given the solutions. I hope now you will be able to solve your Spotify shuffle issues more quickly. All the best!

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